Actual-Fantasy computer generated imagery

Welcome to the web-portfolio of my computer graphic workings!

Galerie For some time now I busy myself with the creaton of computer generated images. Some of those works can be seen in the gallery.
Plugins Furthermore, there's a plugin section for Cinema 4D.


This happened so far:

The next images shows a refrigerator including it's content.
Apart from rebuilding Actual-Fantasy, there's a new image that was made for Kataklysm's Artwork-Contest.
The newest image was created after a Motörhead-cover.
Again a contribution for a contest on 3DLuVr. With rank 60 a bit less successfull than the Trap.
A new picture at last: The great hall of Minas Tirith.
Actual-Fantasy became one year old today! Apart from a re-design of this page, a new section "Plugins" has been added. The first (and till now only) Plugin can be used to calculate triangles.
Aside from a new version of the Bottleship, there is a new Picture, made for the Toystory-Contest on Renderosity.
The Marshall-Amp is now revamped. At last, it has a guitar plugged in!
The picture with the guitar is now revisited. It is dedicated to my favourite guitar player, Chriss Oliva who would have turned 40 today. Happy Birthday, Chriss!
New in the Galerie is the CG-interpretation of a Bottleship. I send it in for the Animago-Contest. I'm not sure what to expect from it but I shall see...
The newest picture is based on an album cover. Though it does need some more details, I'm working for quite some time on it and it is time for me to put a first version online.
After a longer break at last a new image, built from a model car
There is a new pictue in the Gallery, originally designed for the mousetrap-contest at 3DLuVr. The version accepted for the contest had to be modified because the mechanism was not obvious. The modified version made for 39th place out of 72.
Some layout changes, a new version of "Nightshift". Furthermore Actual-Fantasy is now added to the Cinema4D-Webring
The first Version of Actual Fantasy is now online. The gallery with its 3 pictures is a bit empty but this will change in the future.

last change:

Made with a Macintosh
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